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False Eye Lash Application | $25.00 | BOOK NOW

120 min Semi Permanent Lash Extension | $120.00 | BOOK NOW

90min Lash Extension Fill-inns every 3 weeks  | $50.00 | BOOK NOW

90min Lash Extension Fill-inns every  4 weeks | $75.00 | BOOK NOW

Microblading | $500.00 | BOOK NOW

This semi permanent make up service enhances the eyebrow shape and color. Technicians use a small hand held tool. Made of tiny needles to create or fill in brows. A tattooing method, micro blading creates hair like strokes with the handheld tool. The needles implant pigment into the bottom layer of the epidermis leaving you with the browse you’ve always wanted for up to three years.

Before the procedure 

Do not take aspirin, niacin, vitamins or an ibuprofen 24 hours before your micro blading procedure. 

Do not consume alcohol or caffeine within 24 hours of micro blading. 

You are not a candidate for micro blading if you are or have the following:


-Undergoing chemotherapy

-Viral infections or disease


-Pacemaker or major heart problems

-Skin irritations psoriasis near the treatment area

-Have had Botox in the last 30 days

-Have used Accutane in the past year.


Do not rub or pick at the scar that will form over the first couple of days. Picking can cause scarring. There should be absolutely no scrubbing, cleansing creams, or chemicals applied to the skin. Gently rinse the treated area with a mild antibacterial soap morning and evening before bed. Rinse with water and lightly pat the area dry. Apply a thin layer of ointment after each washing.

Touch Ups

It is recommended that you schedule your touch ups appointment within six months of your initial service.

Touchups within 6 months | $150.00 | BOOK NOW

Touch ups within 18 months | $250.00 | BOOK NOW